Sunday, August 23, 2009

Best in Show

Since Elizabeth would never post this herself, I waited till she was gone to post it. E talked about the fair in her last post without mentioning that she herself won a prize - BEST OF SHOW!!!! She entered her baby slings and a set of vestments she made earlier in the year. The slings both won in their categories, but her vestments won the entire shebang, for sewing at least. I'm proud of her. If you want to give a beautiful gift to a seminarian, priest or other cleric, she's the gal to talk to.



  1. CONGRATULATIONS E! That is sooooo cool! And congrats to Anne & Rose for their fine works of art! And Jason...way to...grow that squash? ;) What a talented family!

  2. Way to go, Elizabeth!!! You are so talented!!