Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, my Big Game Hunter!


Happy Birthday to my Most Capable Protector, Provider & Love-Of-My-Life!


The perfect birthday present.  A pair of white tail deer.  Fresh, wild, free, wholesome meat.
Provided by the Good Lord, reaped by a skilled hunter.

"Who's ready to shoot something?"

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

BestFest- What a Fest!


our local Knights of Columbus hosted another Sausage Cook Off this year, and we were there! (All you-can-eat delicious varieties from a few different companies and vote for your favorite, hence the title 'BestFest') 

What a great afternoon of tasty German fare, polka music, kid's games and high hopes of winning raffle prizes but the real treat was right here:

Oh yes!!  After finding this authentic German Leiderhosen at an Antique Mall in town, 
what else could we do but buy it for our Little Schnitzel? 
...little leather pants, wool lined straps, woolen coat with carved antler buttons, felt hat...
...the outfit was AMAZING! And Michael was in a great mood to match, flashing smiles at all the people who wanted pictures of him.  :)

And let me tell you, when the Polka Band started up, so did Michael!
 He danced,
 and danced,
and danced!

The admission price for adults was $10.00 but I'm pretty sure that when everyone paid their entry, they had no idea of the treat they'd get in watching our little 'junge' turn circles on the dance floor!!!

+ + +

Friday, October 12, 2012

Birthdays & Such

Cupcakes from Anne's birthday- using fondant icing to cut out designs was great fun and enjoying them with her class at school was even better!

A birthday trip to our favorite frozen yogurt shop
 is getting to be a fun tradition in our house! 

Now, on to Lily's 2nd birthday!  

Cool, cool birthday girl and big brother on the way into town
 for good times with grandparents and their long, lost Uncle Sam!

Beautiful butterfly face paint from a suoire at Oktoberfest!

....and a smiling baby brother, happy as a bug
in a rug amidst all the commotion of this bustling household!  
Deo Gratias