Friday, August 14, 2009


So, I had an interesting conversation with the girls' doctor yesterday about... dun, duh, dun...
When I mentioned that we stopped Anne's shots after a year, I could tell he was a bit concerned. He was so nice though and he talked to me about the adult difficulties caused by chicken pox, measles and rubella...all of which are shots I am for-going right now! I can see that it's important to have a good relationship with your children's doctor, one where you can speak directly and openly at least.

As a mother, isn't it interesting how many things you have to become an "expert" on for your families' sake? Trying to figure out what's in the food you eat, the shots you're supposed to get, the best places to shop, how best to discipline for long term success and of course, the best course of action for school or homeschool! And my kids are 3 and under!!!

I tip my hat to all those moms who have managed to raise healthy children that love the Lord!

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  1. The Expert Mom thought is sooo true! And on the one hand, these days you have so many resources available via the web... but on the other hand, I think that almost makes it harder- because now you have to become a Web Expert as well to wade through all of it and find true, helpful information! (Sorry for the run-on sentence...)

    Okay, here's a blog request- I'd like to read a post from you on how you make one of these decisions- the research you did or how you came to your conclusion. For me, right now the immunization decision is completely theoretical (since no kids) but I have wondered about the pros and cons without doing much personal research on it.

    Just a thought- and that way, you can share your Expertise!! :)