Friday, September 25, 2009

Growth & A Rainbow

My thriving 'sproutlings'. We transplanted this squash to our raised beds in the garden last weekend and we will probably move our tomatoes & broccoli this weekend. We dug and filled our new plant beds while the kids were napping and there was something very satisfying about working next to my husband that afternoon. Turning up fresh earth, sweating and building something...together.

"...and after the rain had ceased, there appeared in the sky a radiant, colorful bow. A sign from God..."

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Says Jason to Anne, "I hope you never grow up Sweetie."

Says Anne to Jason, "Daddy, I want to get big so I can read big books like you."

Jason..."(big smile)"

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Heavenly Rain

God has sent us the most beautiful rain this weekend.

Our little tomatoes just couldn't handle all the water though and some of them burst...I guess you could say they are 'bursting' with joy!

Praise the Father in Heaven

Monday, September 7, 2009

Dove Season is Open

For those of you who didn't know (and frankly, why would you know or why would you care) ...Jason wanted me to let you know that dove season is open.

I'll bet Mrs. Park knows!

So far, Jason has killed 5 of those nice little birds. I am expecting him to cook them himself and as strange as it may sound to some of you, I think they may taste good (bacon and marinade maybe....).

More thinking on vaccinations

Just yesterday, I had yet another conversation with a mother concerned about vaccines. She is about to have her first and she really doesn't think the Hepatitis B shot is necessary for a newborn. She didn't know that she could sign a waiver to opt out (which can also be done for the eye drops given right after birth). Anyhow, as a special ed. teacher, she is also worried about the wide gammit of side effects and syndromes that can occur from the typical vaccination schedule.

The best resource I have found on the matter is 'The Vaccine Book' by Robert Sears. It seems like a very thorough treatment of the topic that includes manufacturing information (ingredients), alternate brand available, possible side effects, CDC reported cases of the disease in question, potential side effects, etc...
While Dr. Sears encourages parents to consider getting at least some of the vaccinations, he seems to understand many parents' desire to forgo all or some. He gives an alternate vaccination schedule that splits up and delays them so that aluminum exposure is limited and side effects can be tracked more effectively.

Personally, I am mixed on it all. It seems like the biggest concern is for illness within the first year (more likely to seriously trouble an infant) and then of course there is the use of fetal cells within some (Chicken Pox Vaccine and MMR most common). Also, the ingredient list on many of the vaccines looks like a witches potion if you ask me...sucrose, live virus, cow blood serum, monkey cells, chick embryo...
For a child who is breastfeeding and doesn't attend day care, exposure rates are VERY low and really, one has to consider if the risks (known and unknown) of the shot are better than the risks of the illness. I tend to think most of the common vaccines (and certainly the jam packed shot schedule) are not necessary for our kids but I'm planning to do a delayed shot schedule for Michael that includes Rotavirus, DTaP, and probably Pc.

I'm interested in your thoughts!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fall planting and other news

My little sproutlings! Broccoli, tomatoes, Lakota squash & white squash.

While Jason weeded the garden and made new rows, the girls helped me fill several small planters to start our seeds in. (Jason has great success with starting our plants in small containers and then transplanting them.) I planted on Saturday and most of them are already sprouting!!! I am excited. I did not help much with the spring planting but I am definitely enjoying the bounty... fresh basil and parsley for my pasta, fresh tomatoes for my sauce, fresh squash to cook...

Also, I have a gig making vestments for the Catholic school where Jason teaches. Hooray!!! A friend of mine found a semi-new sewing machine for me and it didn't cost a thing so I am ready to roll. Sewing vestments really brings me joy. Deo gratias.