Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fall planting and other news

My little sproutlings! Broccoli, tomatoes, Lakota squash & white squash.

While Jason weeded the garden and made new rows, the girls helped me fill several small planters to start our seeds in. (Jason has great success with starting our plants in small containers and then transplanting them.) I planted on Saturday and most of them are already sprouting!!! I am excited. I did not help much with the spring planting but I am definitely enjoying the bounty... fresh basil and parsley for my pasta, fresh tomatoes for my sauce, fresh squash to cook...

Also, I have a gig making vestments for the Catholic school where Jason teaches. Hooray!!! A friend of mine found a semi-new sewing machine for me and it didn't cost a thing so I am ready to roll. Sewing vestments really brings me joy. Deo gratias.

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  1. That's great about the vestments!! Can't wait to see them!