Sunday, July 26, 2009

First Time's The Charm!

This is my first attempt EVER to blog on my own. A little nervous. Hope I don't do it all wrong. It might take some time to get really good at it like Megan or Annamarie but by golly, I'm going to try...

This blog is dedicated to Jason, my husband, who has cultivated a delightful garden and is helping me to discover the goodness of country living while raising 3 kids. My blog is named 'Home Grown..." because I fully intend to share with you some of the wonderful events that occur in our special corner of God's green earth and how He is shaping our lives as we live and work in the Texas Hill Country.

*Disclaimer: This author does not presume to have great pearls of wisdom nor do I have beautiful prose to enrapture your mind but every once in while, I'll have a funny story about my kids or at least an interesting report of rural life!