Monday, September 26, 2011

Annie Get Your Gun!

Our first little princess turned 5 this month & to celebrate the occasion, her Mammy & I threw her a Grand Tea Party at Nana's Tea Room. 
 (That's code for my mom's beautiful dining room!) 
The party was complete with fancy friends, finger sandwiches
dainty treats and 8 pots of delicious tea.

And THEN, her Daddy gave her a birthday present........

This is her very own and very first pink, Red Rider Daisy BB Gun!

(he is holding the BB gun his parents gave him as a child)

Personally, I think 5 is bit young for owning a gun but it was quite endearing to see how Jason was beaming over it all!  Go figure, Mommy was gleaming over the fancy tea party and Daddy was beaming about the BB gun....


And the day after she turned 5, we held our first official day of Kindergarten Homeschool!

Our schoolroom is complete with a calendar & weather center, a double desk/ table for both girls to use, music, letter chart, 2 chalk boards, a white board, a Bible Knowledge & virtue wall (I'll post pictures of that another day!), learning manipulatives, and a hook for Anne's new backpack!   

I like teaching homeschool and the girls are adapting quite well to our new schedule which includes dual-school time in the morning & Anne's 1-on-1 lessons in the afternoon. Rosie is weather girl, Anne is calendar girl, Lily is 'naptime baby', and we are still working on Michael.... he plays, watches a show, eats a snack or tries to get up to the school table. (Actually, he does all 3 of those things!) 

 ** Anyhow, 3 cheers for school 
and 5 cheers for my Big Girl getting bigger! **

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  1. Hey!! I tried to comment above, but it wouldn't let me! I want to know how school is going for Anne! Could you pretty please do an update post for me?
    Hope ya'll are doing well!