Friday, May 28, 2010

Old Fashioned Barn Raising... er, something

LAST Saturday, we had the privilege of hosting a slew of free laborers (our good friends in disguise) out to our house for a family work day. The idea is that between these 4 families, each family gets one day to have the rest come over and put 'all hands on deck' for whatever work is needed at that home. We were picked to go first and boy did we have WORK for our friends!

The men worked all morning to dig holes, set posts and tie wire to fence in our vegetable garden.

Only 2 people could fit in our guest bathroom, but it did get patched, primed and painted!

Priming the walls in our 3rd bedroom- this room was a disaster! I got some 'tough love' advice about needing to organize the closet in this room better... and, er, get rid of some stuff too.

The two babies were trying to sneak out of the house all day so they were ELATED when they were set free to play on the trampoline. Since several of the men were fencing out there, they had plenty of people to watch- and distract too!

And, here we see the precious baby boys FINALLY taking a nap. A short car ride down the road was what did the trick because there was way too much sibling noise in the house!

!!MOVIE TIME!! There were 13 children between our 4 families (4 of them are over 10) so movie time was a great way to corral, cool and calm their warm bodies. ...We don't have cable but I'm just not sure if I could part with the TV/VCR... I'm just not there yet...
maybe someday...

Thanks be to God for the heavenly workers he sent us that day!
Our friends here are so sincere- the kind of people that offer you help and mean every word of it.

It was a truly beautiful day- 4 Catholic families, working together,
eating together, sharing life, making memories.

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