Monday, May 31, 2010

Minor Emergencies

WELL, we made another trip to the emergency room yesterday. One of Anne's eyes was swollen nearly shut and the word from our ophthalmologist and pediatrician was to be cautious because it sounded like an eye infection. So, off to the ER to be examined (since, of course, these things happen most often on the weekend).

She did indeed have an infection, periorbitol cellulitis to be exact. A shot of antibiotics and an oral course of the same should do the trick. (St. Lucy, pray for the health of Anne's eye!)

As it often goes with a visit to the ER, it took so long to be seen, treated, and released- 4 hours this time- but of course, we are grateful that the thing even exists! However, yesterday was such a busy day in our local ER and since Anne was in no pain, we felt a bad taking up a bed when there were several in the waiting room who obviously wanted a place to lay down and rest. As it was, Anne's roommate was a young man who had been badly burned while working on his radiator and it was difficult sitting on the other side of a flimsy curtain singing playing with Anne while he was hurting so much. But as I sat there thinking of him, I found myself descending into a fearful fantasy. I began thinking of how awful and tormenting it would be to have and injury like that, or worse yet, what if one of the children were burned like that. How could I stand that kind of pain? How could a child endure that? So much fear began to build within me and it sat there in my stomach like a rock.

But thank goodness for MARY! She came to my thoughts and I asked Anne if she would like to pray for our roommate... but she wanted to wait until we got to the car. But I knew it was really ME who needed to pray and so I turned my thoughts toward the Lord.- thanking Him for our health, asking Him for protection for our family and seeking the intercession of Mary on behalf of those around us who were truly hurting.

God comforted me so much after our trip to the ER by reminding me of His diligent protection and constant comfort. During all our family's illnesses and injuries, He has kept them under control, guided us to helpful medical treatment and protected us from true danger. How good He has been to us! He knows how much we can handle and I am so humbled to be reminded of this amidst the chaos surrounding us in this world.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, pray for us.
Merciful God, thank you for minor emergencies.

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